If you are wondering what to major in and are asking "What can I do with a major in this?," you're not alone. This is a question frequently asked by undeclared students and is one of many factors that can get in the way of major and career choice.

But while this question may seem to be the most logical one to ask, answers for many majors may be difficult to find. Why is this?

Why You Don't Know What to Do With a Major

The reason to why most of you are attending Gallaudet University is because you believe it will lead you to better employment. Your journey to better employment via a college degree is a journey of many choices including choice of major, and choice of courses.

Notice that none of these choices mention the word "career." Since careers are related to employment, simple logic suggests that if you are attending college to obtain better employment, there should be a relationship between majors and careers. While it's true that some majors, such as education or counseling, do relate to specific careers, most majors do not. In fact, the majority of majors will actually help prepare you for many career possibilities.

What's a Major For?

Majors are part of the process that leads to earning a degree. They are designed for academic purposes rather than for career purposes. This is why the link between many majors and specific career fields is often unclear.

Once you recognize this, you can begin asking questions that do have clear answers.

Which Comes First - Major or Career?

Begin by identifying your specific decision-making goal. Different students prefer different starting points, and different starting points will suggest different questions. Where do you wish to begin? Do you want to choose a major first and identify career possibilities later, or choose a few career options and then identify possible majors that can help you get there?

Factors That Block Major or Career Choice

Many factors can get in the way of your being able to make a major or career choice. Some of the most common are listed below.

Steps to a Major Decision

Your Journey Begins

Your journey to better employment via a college degree is a journey of many choices. These steps for making a major decision offer you a map for an important part of this journey. Bon voyage!