What is Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?



FERPA governs and protects student's rights to their individual educational records. The four primary student rights to eligible students are:

1) the right to inspect and review their education records;

2) the right to request the amendment of inaccurate or inappropriate education records;

3) the right to consent to disclose of his/her records;

4) the right to file a complaint concerning alleged failure of Gallaudet University to comply with the requirements of FERPA with the Family Compliance Office in the US Department of Education in Washington, DC.


Academic Advising Office complies with the FERPA, also commonly known as Buckley Amendment as stated in the University's catalogue on the policy on Confidentiality of Student Records.


In addition to the above mentioned policy, the Academic Advising Office adheres to the following:

a) Sessions between advisor and advisee are confidential with the exception when an advisor perceives a serious threat to health or safety of the advisee.

b) If needed, student identification will be requested prior to reviewing an advisee's file with him/her during an advising session.

c) Written permission is required from student before advisor can disclose information to parents, VR counselor, or any other individual.

d) Students are responsible for final outcome of their academic planning or decisions.