Office of the Provost

The Provost, supported by the office staff, leads the Division of Academic Affairs and effectively manages its resources to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the University. The Provost is committed to ensuring student success and overall institutional effectiveness through continuous assessment of outcomes and action planning based on assessment results. View the Provost's profile and office information here. You can also view the Provost's Leadership Team here

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Dr. Carol Erting

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Award Recipients

The Office of the Provost, under Academic Affairs is responsible for Distinguished Faculty awards as well as Professor Emeritus,  Honorary Degrees and the Undergraduate Awards Program. Visit these pages to see past recipients. If you wish to make a nomination, instructions and appropriate materials will be found within our Resources folder

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This links to our repository of resources, which is under our folio. Appropriate resources are available for public viewing and use. To access and view forms and documents for faculty and staff, please log into your account. 

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Digital Fellows

Interested in the Provost's Digital Fellows Program for faculty? Find more information and apply here!!