Each year, we ask the faculty to submit nominations for the Gallaudet University Distinguished Faculty Award, which recognizes an individual who exemplifies the stature of the entire university faculty.

The individual chosen will be honored at Commencement, and will be asked to give a lecture or workshop to the university community during the following academic year. The name will be added to the Distinguished Faculty Wall.

Recipients of the Distinguished University Faculty Award
(listed with name of awardee's department at time of award)

2020 Dr. Carolyn McCaskill, School of Arts and Humanities
2019 Dr. Daniel J. Lundberg, School of Science, Technology, Accessibility, Mathematics, and Public Health
2018 Dr. MJ Bienvenu, Department of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies
2017 Dr. Arlene B. Kelly, Department of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies
2016 Dr. Kathleen S. Arnos, Department of Science, Technology, and Mathematics
2015 Ms. Kathryn A. Baldridge, Department of Physical Education and Recreation
2015 Dr. H-Dirksen L. Bauman, Department of ASL and Deaf Studies
2014 Dr. Beth S. Benedict, Department of Art, Communication, and Theater
2013 Dr. Caroline Solomon, Department of Science, Technology and Mathematics
2012 Dr. Dennis Galvan, Department of Psychology
2011 Dr. Joseph G. Kinner, Department of Government and History
2010 Dr. Roger Beach, Department of Counseling
2009 Dr. Barbara J. White, Department of Social Work
2008 Ms. Jean Berube, Department of Physical Education and Recreation
2007 Dr. Donna Mertens, Department of Educational Foundations and Research
2006 Dr. Laurene Simms, Department of Education
2005 Dr. Shirley Shultz-Myers, Honors Program
2004 Ms. Emilia Chukwuma, Department of Business
2003 Dr. Irene Leigh, Department of Psychology
2002 Dr. Ceil Lucas, Department of Linguistics
2001 Dr. Benjamin Bahan, Department of Deaf Studies
2000 Dr. Ann Davidson-Powell, Department of Biology
1999 Dr. Rosemary Weller, Department of Communication Arts
1998 Dr. Sharon Barnartt and Dr. John Christiansen, Department of Sociology
1997 Dr. Stephen Chaikind, Department of Economics and Finance
1996 Dr. Donalda Ammons, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures
1995 Dr. Barry Crouch, Department of History
1994 Dr. Catherine Anderson, Department of Communication & Developmental Studies
1993 Dr. Janet Pray, Department of Social Work
1992 Dr. Yerker Andersson, Department of Sociology
1991 Dr. John S. Schuchman, Department of History
1990 Dr. Mary Malzkuhn, Department of Government
1989 Dr. William J. A. Marshall, Department of Administration and Supervision
1987 Dr. Nancy Kensicki, Department of English
1986 Dr. Anne Butler, Department of History