To view the schedule for Faculty Development week (typically scheduled one to two weeks before the start of each semester), please click on "Events" for a list of scheduled meetings, times, and locations.

Mission Statement and Goals

The Office of Faculty Development supports full and part time faculty in their roles as teachers and members of the bilingual, diverse, and multicultural Gallaudet University community. Our goals are to:

  • Promote evidence-based instructional innovation and effectiveness through workshops, faculty learning communities, and other events.
  • Support the development of new faculty as teachers and their integration into the campus community.
  • Foster cross-disciplinary collaboration; facilitate the sharing of resources, skills, and knowledge across programs; and partner with other professional development units.
  • Strengthen the academic culture at Gallaudet by raising awareness of current developments in the field of teaching and learning, especially related to bilingualism, visual language and learning, and diversity.
  • Advocate for and participate in teaching and learning initiatives at the institutional level.

The Faculty Development Committee has primary responsibility for supporting faculty in their roles as researchers, scholars, and creative artists. The committee has separate leadership and funding from the Office of Faculty Development.

Faculty Development Outcomes

  • New faculty will be able to access people and other resources important to their first year at Gallaudet
    • Assessment: Survey new faculty at end of NFO and academic year to determine their satisfaction with and the usefulness of offerings.
  • Faculty will incorporate ideas from presentations about current developments in the field of teaching and learning in their teaching.
    • Assessment: Faculty and staff educators who attend faculty development events will be asked to participate in a long term survey about the impact of these events on their teaching.
  • Faculty Learning Community (FLC) participants will use more evidence-based instructional innovations.
    • Assessment: At end of year, survey FLC participants to determine what evidence-based changes they made to their teaching as a result of their participation.
  • FLC participants will collaborate across disciplines and programs to share resources, skills, and knowledge.
    • Assessment: Survey FLC participants to determine the level of cross-disciplinary collaboration and resource sharing.