Bilingualism at Gallaudet

The University Mission Statement emphasizes that Gallaudet is a bilingual university. All faculty and students use both ASL and written English as a regular part of their campus activities. Information about the Bilingual Mission of the University and the ongoing efforts to build bilingual skills and structures at Gallaudet can be found on the website of the Center for Bilingual Teaching and Learning (CBTL). Such services include:

ASL Instruction

Faculty may take ASL classes on campus at no charge. See your department chair to get details on how to obtain a tuition waiver for ASL classes. See the available ASL classes here.

ASL Evaluation

Faculty are required to demonstrate the ability to use ASL effectively. The requirements and procedures for this demonstration are specified in the Guidelines of the University Faculty, which is available for download from the Blackboard organization "Faculty Governance." Evaluations are conducted under the auspices of the ASL Diagnostic & Evaluation Service (ASL-DES). ASL-DES also provides diagnostic services that help faculty identify their strengths and weaknesses in their use of ASL.

Interpreting Support

Interpreting and CART services are available on campus through the Gallaudet Interpreting Service (GIS). To arrange an interpreter for your class or for other work-related activities, contact your department chair for details.