Welcome new faculty! You are the foundation for our future, and we will do all we can to help you succeed. Please contact Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, the Faculty Administrator for Faculty Development, with any questions you may have.

New Faculty Orientation will be held August 10 - 14. 2020

Moving to the DC Area

If you are moving to our area for the first time, you can get great advice in this article from Cubesmart for moving to DC.

Useful Links

Directions, Campus Map, Transportation and Parking. University Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan. Information on benefits such as medical insurance options and educational assistance programs can be found here. View and download class schedules, catalogs, and academic calendars from the Registrar's website.

Teaching and Learning Support

  • For You: Gallaudet faculty can have tuition waived for Gallaudet University classes. They can also get reimbursement for some of the education costs they or their dependents incur in other post secondary institutions through the Educational Assistance program. And don't forget your opportunities to take summer ASL classes. The Office of Faculty Development offers academic year workshops, learning communities, and other events to foster reflective teaching and learning at Gallaudet. Check out the home page for more details. We also have a webpage listing online resources for teaching and learning.

Scholarship Support

Gallaudet provides grant writing assistance through its Office of Sponsored Programs. The Research Support offers financial support for selected research projects. The Faculty Development Committee and the CAS and SEBHS deans award funds for travel to conferences to present research and other scholarly activities.

Service and Governance

Gallaudet has an active faculty governance system, with many opportunities for service. See here for information on the various groups involved with shared governance on the campus. You can access more information about the faculty governance system, including its bylaws and guidelines, by visiting the Blackboard organization site called Faculty Governance. Blackboard will be available to all new faculty by August 16 each year.

Individual Language Support for Faculty

Faculty language support is coordinated by the Center for Bilingual Teaching and Learning (CBTL) along with the Office of Faculty Development. The following procedure govern the provision of American Sign Language (ASL) Language Support Services:

New Faculty Language Support Plan

The purpose of the new faculty language development support plan is to outline a system for new faculty to receive language development.

Effective Summer 2016, the following system is in place for all faculty (tenure track and non tenure track) is as follows: Once the offer letter is sent to the faculty member, the Faculty Development Fellow will contact the new hire to discuss next steps and what to expect. Those who are identified as potentially requiring American Sign Language (ASL) support, the Faculty Development Fellow will be directed to the American Sign Language Placement Test (ASLPT) to determine language readiness. The Faculty Development Fellow will provide options of taking intensive summer ASL courses (see the section titled, "American Sign Language Classes" for further directions regarding summer ASL courses.

What is Individual Language Support?

Language Support (formerly known as tutoring) is individualized, is designed to enhance fluency and register in ASL within academic settings, and to prepare for the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI). This approach includes pre-assessment to identify areas of improvement as well as a post-assessment to measure progress.

Who is Eligible?

  • First priority for ASL language support will be given to full time tenure and non-tenure track faculty who have completed ASL III, but have yet to attain an ASLPI level of 3.
  • If demand and funds permit, tenured faculty below the rank of Full Professor who have not yet attained an ASLPI level of 3 may also receive tutoring services.
  • Lowest priority will be given to requests by faculty with an ASLPI level of 3 who wish to improve their score.

What is the Scope?

ASL language support is not meant to replace classroom learning experiences. Faculty should still make every effort to enroll in appropriate ASL coursework through the Professional Studies ASL Program and to attend other available development activities. ASL Language Support should focus on academic course and lecture preparation (i.e., conference presentations).

How can I request Individual Language Support?

Please go to the CBTL page and request services.


ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services (ASL-DES) administers the ASLPI and CDO, and provides training and consultation. Contact: Loretta Roult, Director

The Professional Studies ASL Program Offers ASL coursework for faculty, including intensive summer courses. Faculty may enroll in courses with a tuition waiver. For information on current ASL courses, visit the list of offerings. Contact: Christina Hopewell-Albert, Coordinator

American Sign Language Classes:

New signers are encouraged to take summer ASL classes at Gallaudet through the Center for Continuing Studies. Classes are offered in two-week sessions in June and July. You may take up to two classes (for a total of 4 weeks). Tuition and fees will be waived for new faculty who choose to take ASL classes during the summer prior to their first year of employment at Gallaudet. You will pay only for your books and materials.