Provost's Leadership Team

The Provost's Senior Leadership Team guides the academic development and direction of the institution in accordance with the University's mission.

Below, find a listing of the senior leadership team members and the units that they manage, along with some quick links that may be useful. The listing is both in text in the body below for full accessibility, and laid out in a visual format in the footer area. 

College of Arts & Sciences

Quick Links: College of Arts and Sciences | Contact 
Dr. Genie Gertz, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Student Success & Academic Quality

Quick Links: Student Success & Academic Quality | Contact
Dr. Thomas Horejes, Associate Provost, Student Success & Academic Quality

School of Education, Business & Human Services

Quick Links: School of Education, Business & Human Services | Contact
Dr. Khadijit Rashid, Dean, School of Education, Business & Human Services

Graduate School & Continuing Education

Quick Links: Graduate School | Contact
Dr. Gaurav Mathur, Dean, Graduate School & Continuing Education