Department of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies

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College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. H-Dirksen Bauman, Chair
Sorenson Language and Communication Center, Room 1214

The Department of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies offers an M.A. degree that provides an interdisciplinary approach to the field of Deaf Studies. Students engage Deaf Studies through a critical exchange with related fields, including cultural studies, anthropology, history, literature, critical theory, linguistics, philosophy, critical pedagogy, and visual media production. Students complete the core curriculum in their first year of coursework, then the concentration in Cultural Studies for their second year.

Graduate Programs and Certificate offered:

M.A. in Deaf Studies: Cultural Studies M.A. in Deaf Studies: Early Language Advocacy M.A. in Deaf Studies: Language and Human Rights M.A. in Sign Language Education Certificate in Deaf Studies Department Courses