Graduate Awards and Scholarships

Many departments offer students assistance in the form of tuition scholarships or assistantships that provide a monthly stipend. Departments choose outstanding candidates from their applicant pool. Applicants should inform the department to which they are applying of their interest in being considered for an award.

Some awards and scholarships are given annually to students for their academic and leadership accomplishments. This is a representative list of the recognitions, many of which are awarded to graduate students at the Graduate Hooding Ceremony, which is held every Spring as part of Commencement activities.

Graduate School Awards

Graduate Student Achievement Award: for two outstanding graduate students who have made a significant contribution to their field while in graduate programs at Gallaudet University.

Outstanding External Collaboration Award: for an individual who has provided exemplary support to Gallaudet University's Graduate School over a substantial period of time.

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Member Award: for an individual who has made exemplary contributions to Gallaudet University's graduate programs the years.

Research Writing Award: for a graduate student who completed outstanding research documents in the academic program.

Weiner Family Research Award: to recognize and support outstanding student research that adds to an understanding of diagnostic techniques and treatments aimed at improving mental health outcomes of individuals who are deaf.

Ethel G. Simpson Scholarshipfor a female graduate student of Scandinavian descent.

Jennie & Geri Werdig Scholarship Award: for a married female graduate student.

Department of Administration and Supervision

Thomas J. Landers Award: for a master's student making a significant contribution to the profession of special education.

Thomas and Julia Burg Mayes Award: for a graduate student already making a significant contribution as a community education leader and manager.

Department of ASL and Deaf Studies

George Veditz Deaf Studies Award: for graduate students who have made and will continue to make an impact on the lives of Deaf People and field of Deaf Studies through their outstanding scholarship and activism.

Department of Counseling

Francine White Outstanding Counseling Student Award: for a student who demonstrates high aptitude for and commitment to counseling.

Richard M. Phillips Award: for a professional whose career is characterized by a sustained record of contributing to the training of new counselors.

Department of Education

Daniel T. Cloud Award: for an outstanding education student in memory of Daniel T. Cloud.

Helen Fay Award: for a student most likely to make an outstanding contribution in the field of teaching deaf or hard of hearing children.

David S. Martin Award: for a student from a developing country who is enrolled in the Department of Education.

Phillip J. Schmidt Award: for an outstanding graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance in the field of deaf education.

Marjorie Stull Memorial Scholarship Award: for a graduate student who has shown exceptional ability and aptitude in teaching students who are deaf on the basis of first-year graduate student performance.

Department of Hearing, Speech, and Languages

Seltzer League Award: for a graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in academic and clinical areas of the speech-language pathology program and who is expected to broaden the understanding of hearing and hearing loss.

Department of Interpretation

The Barbara Babbini Brasel Research Award: for an exemplary interpretation research paper completed by a student during graduate studies in the Interpretation Program

Ron Coffey Award: for an outstanding interpretation student

Department of Linguistics

Outstanding Linguistics Graduate Student Award: for an outstanding linguistics student

Department of Psychology

Elizabeth Peet Award: for an outstanding graduate student in school psychology

Larry G. Stewart Award: for an outstanding student in clinical psychology

Department of Physical Education and Recreation

Marty Minter Award: for a student who has completed the M.S. in Leisure Services Administration degree, shows integrity, and is considered most likely to make a significant contribution to the leisure services profession

Department of Social Work

G. Arlene Gavin Award: for a graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding professionalism and commitment to social justice

Catherine H. Moses Award: for a graduate student who has demonstrated leadership and outstanding potential for contributing to social work practice with deaf and hard of hearing people

Gallaudet Research Institute

Through the Small Grants Program, students may request up to $2,500 to support research projects intended to satisfy degree or course requirements.