Captioning Services

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Gallaudet Interpreting Service
 (GIS) currently oversees provision of real-time captioning, which are captioning services that provide a text translation of the spoken message. Real-time captioning can be requested for classes, meetings, and special events. GIS partners with Alternative Communication Services (ACS) to manage and to provide technical support for the requested captioning services.

There are two types of captioning services currently available at Gallaudet University:

  • Fixed captioning
  • Mobile captioning  

In both cases, the spoken English message (via an interpreter or a presenter), is relayed through a microphone to a caption writer that is transcribing remotely. Most often, the transcript is displayed on a large screen monitor at the front of the classroom. When "mobile" captioning services are requested, the text can be displayed on a consumer's personal laptop or tablet. This may provide better sight lines for a signed language environment.

To submit a request for real-time captioning, please contact the relevant campus department, such as the Office of Student Success or Academic Advising. If you are a Graduate Student, please contact your academic department.