Graduate Student Support Services

Classroom Notetaking Services

Upon request from a registered graduate student, the Graduate School will provide a student notetaker for on-campus, face-to-face, graduate credit courses. Students who wish to have a notetaker in a class should inform the instructor, who will attempt to solicit a notetaker from among the other students. Once a notetaker is identified, the requesting student will fill out a request form, available from each departmental office and bring it to the Office of the Graduate School and Continuing Studies. Notetakers then distribute a copy of their notes to those students who want them. Notetakers are reimbursed by the Graduate School for their service. In order to receive maximum compensation, students wishing to serve as a notetaker in their classes should complete the free notetaker training course, offered before fall classes begin. For more information, contact Katie Spiegel, IRB and Graduate Systems Coordinator in Fowler Hall or by email at, or by VideoPhone at 202-250-2472.