Office for Diversity and Inclusion

College Hall

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion is charged with providing leadership to foster and advance a strategic and integrated approach to diversity in all aspects of University life. This Office supports a diverse student, faculty, and staff population and is committed to creating a climate in which all members of the community can succeed.

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion promotes a climate that is inclusive, accessible, and supportive of all students, faculty, and staff. This Office works toward ensuring that the community is knowledgeable about issues of diversity and inclusion and understands how diversity and academic excellence are intricately woven into patterns of student success.

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion sponsors and co-sponsors multiple and varied programs for the community including lecture series, pedagogical workshops, cultural competency training, diversity dialogues, and cultural events. The University's highly successful Diversity Dialogue series has brought together diverse members of the community to discuss tough topics. In addition to these initiatives, this Office is responsible for developing policies and practices to guide the University toward its vision of an inclusive living, learning, and working environment

  • creating an inclusive campus climate through focus groups, dialogues, and other research-based initiatives; 
  • managing overall planning, budgeting, organizing, and coordinating of diversity activities required to achieve campus-wide diversity goals;
  • linking diversity and student academic success; 
  • professional development for faculty and staff regarding pedagogy, program design and curriculum development needed for a multicultural and bilingual university; and
  • assessing and systematically reporting to the University community progress made toward the achievement of diversity goals.