Undergraduate Admissions

EMG Building 1st floor
Web: admissions.gallaudet.edu    Email: admissions@gallaudet.edu

Deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing students are invited to apply for admissions to the baccalaureate program at Gallaudet University.

Gallaudet recommends that high school students take as many college preparatory classes as possible, including English, social science, science, algebra, and geometry, as well as taking the American College Test (ACT) in their sophomore, junior, and senior years. Admissions staff evaluate prospective students based on their profile of academic, professional, and personal achievements. They also evaluate educational and career goals.


The Gallaudet University Office of Undergraduate Admissions leads and supports the University in meeting its enrollment goals. It ensures the delivery of the university's quality, educational programs to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and a limited number of hearing undergraduate (HUG) students, by identifying prospective students, informing them, their families, and professionals working with them about the excellent educational and co-curricular programs at Gallaudet, by guiding these students through the application and admissions processes and supporting their initial enrollment. The Gallaudet University Admissions Office is committed to the recruitment and enrollment of a qualified and diverse group of students for the purpose of providing a quality collegiate education and providing preparation for careers, professions, participation as a global citizen, and for advanced graduate level studies.