Required pre-minor courses 12 hours

ART 140 Art History 3
ART 150 Fundamentals of Design in Art 3
ART 160 Design I 3
ART 170 Introduction to Drawing 3

Students formally apply to the minor program upon completion of these courses.

Required art courses 9 hours

Choose three courses:
ART 131 Beginning Photography 3
ART 232 Intermediate Photography 3
ART 255 Digital Photography 3
ART 363 Photojournalism 3
ART 460 Studies in Photography: 3


ART 131 - Beginning Photography (3)

In this hands-on course students will learn the fundamentals of photography, including how to use 35 mm manual and SLR cameras, and how ISO, shutter speed, film, light, and composition affect the outcome of an image. Students will also learn a range of photographic processing techniques, Photoshop, and printing processes in the development of a print portfolio.

ART 140 - Art History (3)

This course is designed to assist the student in a visual understanding of the art of the past and present. The Western tradition is analyzed, with emphasis upon art forms such as architecture, painting, and sculpture. The course highlights the major art periods starting with prehistory and ending with the modern era. Students are expected to take this course before taking major level courses in Art.

Prerequisites or Co-requisites: GSR 102 or the equivalent, and GSR 103

ART 150 - Fundamentals of Design in Art (3)

An introduction to the language of art and design (space, line, shape, value, texture and color) and the principle of composition for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. A series of hands-on projects will reinforce these concepts. Students are expected to take this course before taking major level courses in Art.

ART 160 - Design I (3)

This course introduces students to the Macintosh computer system, digital camera basics, and Adobe software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Digital imaging, illustration, layout, and other digital art techniques will be introduced. This course is intended to prepare students for intermediate classes in graphic design, web design, photography, and digital art.

ART 170 - Introduction to Drawing (3)

A foundation course in drawing. An introduction to principles and procedures of drawing in various media. Lectures and studio work. Students are expected to take this course before taking major level courses in Art.

ART 232 - Intermediate Photography (3)

This photography track course includes a study of advanced camera and darkroom techniques, including developing and printing of color photographs and an advanced analysis of styles in photography emphasizing a student portfolio. The impact on the deaf community and culturally diverse populations is discussed through viewing photographs.

Prerequisites: ART 131 or permission of the department chair.

ART 255 - Digital Photography (3)

This course introduces students to digital photography and digital camera operations, covering lighting, composition, exposure, and the fundamentals of traditional photographic concepts. Photographing two- and three-dimensional objects and optimizing photos for a digital workflow are skills developed in this course. The history and technology of photography will be discussed.

Prerequisites: ART 160

ART 363 - Photojournalism (3)

This course will emphasize the fundamentals of photojournalism. Students will act as reporters with a camera, learning how to use images to tell a story while developing a personal vision. Students will gain experience thinking fast in order to quickly capture and record decisive moments. Students will also analyze the role of photography in mass communication with an emphasis on the photographic essay. The legal aspects of news photography along with the ethics of the profession are important components of this course.

Prerequisites: ART 255

ART 460 - Studies in Photography: (3)

This course is designed to provide an in-depth study of a specific area of the photography discipline. Each time course is offered, the materials, equipment, artistic concepts and techniques related to the medium will be identified by the instructor, e.g. studio lighting, large format, alternative processing, pinhole, color photography.

Prerequisites: ART 131, 232; and permission of the instructor