Honors Program


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College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Shirley Shultz Myers, Director
Jordan Student Academic Center, Room 1231

The Honors Program provides students with opportunities to advance their education through challenge, innovation, and community. Honors is ideal for students wishing to maximize their competitiveness for top-tier graduate programs or employers and to develop confidence and the whole-person skills needed for professional success, too. 

Honors students have succeeded in dramatic fashion, with University Honors graduates admitted to the graduate school of their top choice for either master's, doctoral, or J.D. programs and often with sizable scholarships/fellowships. Their schools range from The George Washington University's Department of Political Science, the University of Rochester's Department of History, Educational Neuroscience at Gallaudet University, and George Mason University's Public History (Museum Studies) program to the Pacific School of Religion (Social Transformation program), Yale Divinity School, the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, the University of Maryland School of Library Science, the Boston University School of Law, and the University of Virginia School of Law.

We seek out students who are driven to succeed academically and professionally and to contribute to personal and social transformation into a global society of inclusive diversity. To these ends, students may apply for opportunities for funding for academic development and may join in leadership or service activities both on and off campus including presentations at conferences.  Students who are accepted into the Honors Program are eligible for one of the top two merit scholarships, President's Honors and President's Distinguished Honors.

Additional details are available on the Honors Program website.


The Gallaudet University Honors Program provides advanced teaching and mentoring to a diverse group of motivated and capable students. Our program integrates in-depth academic preparation, individualized academic offerings, and professionalism. Each student in Honors is a part of a larger community of scholars seeking continual improvement.  In that spirit, our program cultivates personal and systemic transformation for a diverse national and global society. Students who complete the University Honors Capstone demonstrate they are best prepared for a changing and conflicted world. University Honors graduates possess the advanced skills, knowledge, and integrity conducive to life-long learning, creativity, and civic-minded service.