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Discover a rich liberal arts education in a fully bilingual environment.

For more than 150 years, Gallaudet has engaged students in a rigorous liberal arts education while fully immersed in a bilingual environment using American Sign Language and English.

At Gallaudet,

you will study across disciplines and address real-world challenges that allow you to explore your passions and prepare for your future.

An exceptional education for endless possibilities

Expand your horizons at Gallaudet

There is no other place like Gallaudet on the planet. Join an inclusive, supportive, and academically outstanding environment that teaches and transforms students unlike any other.

By attending Gallaudet, you immediately become part of an international university, dedicated to deaf and hard of hearing students, education, and research.

Discover world-class professors and the resources of an international city

Push yourself beyond any limits

Work on projects and internships, here in Washington, D.C., across the nation or abroad. Explore every field you can think of—and some you may not yet know about.

Gallaudet employs talented professors in art, digital media, American Sign Language (ASL),deaf studies, business, communication studies, educational neuroscience, government, interpretation, molecular genetics and more. They have created rigorous, challenging programs that are fully accessible in both ASL and English.

Our Faculty

Ethan Sinnott

Ethan Sinnott

Gallaudet is increasing the number of deaf MFA students.
Dr. Marguerite Glass

Dr. Marguerite Glass

Visual language is sought after in the workforce.
Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto

Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto

There are a vast number of children throughout the nation who suffer from the devastating, potentially lifelong effects of minimal or delayed language exposure, particularly deaf children.
Meredith Crane

Meredith Crane

We didn’t want to wait to communicate with our children, so we decided to use sign language.
Dr. Teresa Blankmeyer Burke

Dr. Teresa Blankmeyer Burke

My dream is to grow the field of deaf bioethics, and to someday have a group of knowledgeable deaf people working on many bioethical issues affecting deaf people.
Roberta J. Cordano

Roberta J. Cordano, President

Gallaudet has been, currently is and will always be becoming all that we hope and dream to be.

Gallaudet is a liberal arts and sciences university

You can earn a degree in a technical or professional field.

See Your Future Thrive Here!

97% of our recent Gallaudet graduates are employed or in post-graduate education. No matter where you are in your higher education journey, we will help you find the best fit to accomplish your dreams.

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What’s your passion? You can pursue it here.

Everything (yes, everything!) is communicated visually in American Sign Language (ASL) and English so that you don't miss a thing—and we offer plenty of support if ASL is not your first language. Our aim is simple, make your enrollment and acclimation a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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You deserve the best college experience.

Deciding where to go to college can be one of the most impactful decisions of your life. Making the right choice can be the difference between thriving in an accessible environment or settling for your education. Here, you become connected, included, and inspired on day one—making acclimation and social connection easier.

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Admissions Requirements

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