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School of Human Services and Sciences

At Gallaudet University, we transform our students into world changing leaders in the fields of human development and wellbeing. Through the School of Human Services and Science, you can launch your career in psychology and counseling; the hearing, speech and language sciences; or physical education and recreation.

Gallaudet Statue

Increasing the number of deaf and hard of hearing professionals aspiring to solve global challenges

Advanced technology Integration

Technology is an integral part of the Gallaudet learning experience. At Gallaudet, you’ll find the latest technologies woven seamlessly throughout our campus, curricula and classrooms. In fact, our technology integration is higher than the average for universities nationwide

Ninety-nine percent of our courses feature some type of online component.

Nearly all Gallaudet students take at least one online course as part of their programs.

Many classrooms include digital video components, including recordings of classes.

Most classrooms are outfitted with computers, digital projectors and other technologies, and students have access to many computer labs.

Translating groundbreaking research into equitable solutions

At Gallaudet, you will find a research-rich environment, where we work to discover innovative solutions that will positively impact the deaf community and expand access to literacy, healthcare, wellbeing and safety.


Students partner with the Early Education Literacy Lab and the Center for Deaf Health and Equity to research how to better support deaf children in their early literacy development.

Center for Deaf Health and Equity

Students conduct studies to increase equity in healthcare for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Student research bullying and victimization among deaf students in residential schools, along with other distressful behaviors of deaf students.

Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences

Students partner with the Developmental Neurolinguistic and Cognition Lab on campus to study the nature of developmental language disorders, contributing to the current body of research on the topic.

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate