Updated November 2015


To recommend to the Senate the development and implementation of an action agenda for the compliance of MSCHE Distance Education standards for distance education programs to ensure academic rigor and high quality online education


List Includes Distance Education and Curriculum Infrastructure Task Force members

NameTitle / Role
Shannon Augustine Manager, e-learning and Web Authoring
H. Dirksen Bauman Professor and Chair, ASL and Deaf Studies
Steven Collins Assistant Professor, Interpretation
Tony Ellis Technical Support Specialist, Interpretation
Simon Guteng CUE/Associate Professor, Education
Jeff Leach Director, Financial Services
Mary Lightfoot Project Manager, Clerc Center
Robin Massey Online ASL Instructor
Catherine O'Brien Assistant Professor, Government and Public Affairs
Cindy Officer Coordinator, Professional Studies
Elice Patterson Registrar
Thelma Schroeder Director, Academic Advising
Martha Sheridan CGE/Professor, Social Work
Tammy Weiner Chair, Director, Office of Distance Education