Updated March, 2012


[August 2009 -- May 2010]

To develop a system for classroom observation evaluation of faculty member’ visually-based discourse skills.


This Committee has the following authority:

  • Develop a new form classroom discourse observation and checklist as part of new multi-measurement evaluation system for faculty

  • Recommend to the Senate policy procedures and forms for classroom discourse observation of faculty members and evaluation

  • We will provide research findings to the faculty and to the administration (President, Provost).

  • Conduct a one-year project, “Classroom Discourse Observation Project” to develop an appropriate form and ratings and to validate the use of the form and ratings, prior to the use of the form to the Senate


NameTitle / RoleGroup Represented
Pat Foley University Faculty
Sue Mather Chair University Faculty
Judith Mounty Research Scientist, CPSO
Mohamed Obiedat University Faculty
Pai Taavila University Faculty