Updated July 2020


  • Select a firm of certified public accountants, provide for such firm to conduct an annual audit, and review auditor’s report and recommendations;
  • Exercise general oversight over the internal auditing functions of the University; and
  • Ensures compliance with the rules governing Trustee conflicts of interest


This Committee has the following authority:

  • Investigate and recommend corrective action regarding allegations of material misappropriation of University resources;
  • Recommend to the Board such controls as are necessary to assure the sound management of the University's resources;
  • Reports to the Board of Trustees


Name Title / Role
Dr. Natwar Gandhi Chair
Mr. Jameson Crane, Jr Vice Chair 
Dr. Charlene Dwyer Member
Mr. Edson Gallaudet Member
Mr. Greg Hlibok Member
Mr. James Payne Member
Mr. Jose Cervantes Member
Ms. Lisa Clarke Interim CFO
Mr. Seth Bravin Ex Officio
Ms. Roberta Cordano, J.D. Ex Officio