Shared Governance: Committee on Budget and Operations

Updated July 2018


This Committee shall, but without limitation: exercise oversight over the fiscal, physical, information technology, and human resources of the University and review and approve policies and procedures which have a significant impact on these resources. The Committee shall monitor the financial condition of the University; review the budget and the funding of reserves; approve tuition and fees; monitor the use of assets; and review and approve investment strategies and expenditures having long-term implications. The Committee shall also assure the implementation of effective public relations, media relations, and communications programs; promote alumni involvement in the University; and exercise leadership in increasing contributions from private sources.


This Committee has the following authority:

  • Reports to the Board of Trustees


NameTitle / Role
Mr. Jeffrey Humber Chair
Mr. Seth Bravin Member
Mr. Jameson Crane, Jr. Member
Dr. Charlene Dwyer Member
Mr. Duane Halliburton                       Member
Mr. James Macfadden Member
Dr. Philip Kerstetter Member
Mr. James Payne Member
Mr. Robert Weinstock Staff Representative
Mr. Paul Kelly Executive Team Representative
Ms. Claire Bugen Ex Officio
Ms. Roberta Cordano, J.D. Ex Officio