Shared Governance: Gallaudet Staff Council (GSC)

Updated July 2018


The purpose of the GSC is to make Gallaudet University a better place to work for everyone. The committee advises the president on matters affecting the staff community. Shares concerns with the president and considers and proposes ideas for improving the general welfare of staff employees.


This Committee has the following authority:

  • Members serve on institutional committees, review and provide input on policies and procedures which pertain to, or impact on, staff. Participates in the dispute resolution process by serving as the panel which hears staff grievances.
  • Reports to the president


NameTitle / RoleGroup Represented 
Tamer Mahmound Chair Gallaudet Staff Council
Earl Parks Vice-Chair Gallaudet Staff Council
Shannon Augustine           Secretary Gallaudet Staff Council
Robert Weinstock Parliamentarian Gallaudet Staff Council
Senda Benaissa GSC Representative Academic Affairs
Cheryl Murgel GSC Representative  Academic Affairs
Stephanie Roche GSC Representative Academic Affairs
Trina Schooley GSC Representative Academic Affairs
GSC Representative Academic Affairs
Christopher Hoffmann GSC Representative    Administration & Finance
Karen Kinsler GSC Representative Administration & Finance
Veronica Lee GSC Representative Administration & Finance
Nathaniel Palacios GSC Representative Administration & Finance
Selina Shearer GSC Representative Administration & Finance
Michael Peterson GSC Representative Clerc Center
Dylan Westbury GSC Representative Clerc Center
Clerc Center
Division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Charles "Chuck" Bowie GSC Representative Gallaudet Technology Services
Allison Polk GSC Representative Institutional Advancement
Patricia Suarez GSC Representative Office of the President
Jennifer Little GSC Representative Student Affairs