Updated November 2011


The purpose of this Council is to provide community input to Gallaudet Interpreting Service practices and policies. As Gallaudet is a bilingual institution, interpreting services are essential to many aspects of Gallaudet's daily functions. The ability of GIS to provide the best service for University functions depends on the community's understanding and expectations of GIS practices and policies.

The intent of this Council is to open dialogue and seek input about GIS practices and policies to ensure best services, while considering legal and practical implications.

While GIS is responsible for setting policies and practices, we do not work in isolation from the community. Additionally, community members often look to GIS to provide guidance on communication practices for Gallaudet overall. This Advisory Council is forming to provide the community a formal and direct venue for discussion with GIS regarding our policies and practices and jointly determine best practices for interpreting for the diverse communication needs of the Gallaudet community.


Candas BarnesGIS Staff Interpreter (hearing)

MJ Bienvenu Faculty Representative
Regina Nuzzio Faculty Representative
Ryan Odland GSA Representative
Darlene Prickett GSC Representative
Risa Shaw Faculty Representative
Karen Sheffer GSC Representative
Juinper Sussman Clerc Center Representative
Steven Walker GIS Staff Interpreter (deaf)
Myra Yanke Clerc Center Representative
Koko Chino Ex-Officio
Fred Weiner Ex-Officio