Shared Governance: Professional Education Programs - Curriculum Committee (PEP-C)

Updated August, 2014


This Committee is the only Gallaudet University committee solely concerned with undergraduate and graduate level preparation for school professionals in Professional Education accredited programs. As a policy-making body, the Committee reviews and approves programs and courses to ensure the quality of the academic core and compliance with certification and professional education accreditation standards.


This Committee has the following authority:

  • This Committee has approval and decision-making authority delegated to it by the PEP Unit Faculty.
  • The PEP-C may assist programs in the organization and coordination of policies and standards unique to programs preparing professionals to work in schools. The Departments shall submit evidence of faculty participation in policy making and program and course development. The PEP-C shall review all proposals submitted for its consideration with regard to the manner in which the proposal adheres to the prescripts of internal University doctrines and external accreditation and certification bodies.
  • Proposals are reviewed by PEP-C then sent on to the appropriate institutional legislative body (Council on Graduate Education or Council on Undergraduate Education).


NameTitle / RoleDepartment
Representative Education
Representative Counseling
Representative Social Work
Representative Psychology