Shared Governance: Retention Council

Updated February 2017


The Retention Council's primary goal is to identify key factors that affect student success and retention within the university community and recommend interventions that address these factors.

The Retention Council, chaired by the University Retention Coordinator, is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • To track student enrollment, retention, and graduation and communicate this progress with the campus community on a regular basis;
  • To use assessment to identify proven best practices in the university community that are effective in ensuring student success and therefore retention;
  • To use assessment to identify potential barriers that impede student success and recommend effective, proactive interventions that address these barriers;
  • To communicate that student success and retention is the responsibility of every member of the campus community and recommend strategies for creating a teaching and learning community for fostering practices that promote successful learning and retention.


This Committee has the following authority:


NameTitle / Role
Beth Benedict Faculty Fellow, Admissions
Dwight Benedict Dean, Student Affairs
Lindsay Buchko Director, Institutional Research
Jerri Lyn Dorminy, Chair University Retention Coordinator (OAQ)
Genie Gertz Dean, CAS
Susan Hanrahan Director, Resident Life
Mary Keane Director Campus Activities
Bobbie Jo Kite Faculty Representative
Edgar "Bernie" Palmer Executive Director, ODES
Earl Parks Chief Information Officer, GTS
Elise Patterson Registrar
Caroline Pezzarossi Faculty Development Fellow
Leslie Rach Director of GSR
Khadijat "Kubby" Rashid Chair of Faculty Senate
Charles Reilly Director, RSIA
Thelma Schroeder Director, AA and TIP
Caroline Solomon Chair, Faculty Senate
Andy Tao Program Manager, Student Success
Gregorie Youbara Faculty Representative