2.06 Procurement

Last Revised: 10 May 2019

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This policy applies to all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University.


Gallaudet University provides the necessary supplies, equipment, and services to support the programs and services of the institution. The University does not purchase goods and services for the private use of any employee or student. The use of the University's name, funds, pricing schedules, and tax exemption status for personal purchases is strictly prohibited. In all procurement activities, the University encourages affirmative action in procuring goods and services from suppliers who are deaf and hard of hearing and/or members of traditionally underrepresented groups.

Federal Sponsored Grant Purchases

The Uniform Guidance (2CFR200), in effect 12/26/14, allows for Gallaudet University to follow previous OMB guidance (superseded by this part as described in § 200.104) and existing University procurement standards for an additional fiscal year before implementing Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards, as described in §§ 200.317–200.326. Gallaudet is taking advantage of this opportunity to follow previous guidance and implement new procurement standards on October 1, 2018. Gallaudet will standardize the use of the System for Award Management (SAM)  SAM.GOV to determine if vendors are disbarred or suspended.

Purchasing Cards

The purchasing card program provides campus departments with a quick and easy means of purchasing equipment, supplies and services for daily business operations. Cards may be issued by the Contracts and Purchasing Department to unit administrators and full time employees with manager and above classification. Cards may be issued to employees below manager classification if requested by the unit administrator and such requests meet specific business and operational requirements justifying issuing an additional card. Requests for a purchasing card and the spending limit must be approved by the unit administrator and senior administrator. Each approved cardholder is required to sign an agreement which describes the responsibilities associated with the use and safeguarding of a purchasing card. Card holders will receive a Purchase Card Manual detailing authorized uses of the card. Failure to comply with Cardholders Agreement may result in the revocation of purchasing card privileges and disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Spending limits are approved on an individual basis in accordance with the policy 2.02 on Authority to Approval Financial Documents. Single transactions exceeding $5,000 should be submitted to the Contracts and Purchasing Department for processing. Whenever practical, the Contracts and Purchasing Department solicits competitive bids on all single procurements over $5,000. Purchasing cards may not be used for personal items or for any reason that is not directly related to the cardholder's professional relationship with the University, including, but not limited to, air or rail tickets, food and beverages, personal items, electronic equipment, appliances, furniture, luggage, traffic fines, gifts, club dues, travel insurance (other than rental cars), in-room movies, personal entertainment, airline clubs, baby-sitting fees, clothes, personal automobile repairs, alcoholic beverages, flowers, catering services, and personal services.

Cardholders are required to maintain records and original, itemized receipts of all transactions. The monthly credit card statement with all original, itemized receipts attached must be sent to the Finance Office by the 15th of the following month. If a receipt is missing, a written explanation detailing the nature and reason for the charge is required, Unit administrators are responsible for assuring that the goods and services were received, that appropriate procedures were followed, that appropriate documentation has been provided, and that applicable University policies and Federal regulations, including those on travel expenses, were followed. The Finance office will retain the documentation in accordance with the document retention policy.

Upon separation from Gallaudet University, or transfer to a different department within the University, the cardholder must surrender the purchasing card and all documentation to the unit administrator. The unit administrator is responsible for reconciling the account with the employee. The purchasing card must be returned to the Contracts and Purchasing Department. Purchasing cards are not transferable.

Faculty, teachers, and staff may not accept personal gifts or gratuities from any current or potential supplier if such acceptance obligates or could be construed to obligate the University to conduct further business with that supplier. Occasional association with suppliers at luncheons or dinners and the acceptance of small advertising novelties are helpful in establishing business rapport and are not considered unethical provided that the purchasing decision is not influenced or compromised.

Contractual Arrangements

The University does not enter into contractual or procurement agreements with students, faculty, teachers, staff, or members of their immediate families. An acquisitions of goods and services from a business in which an employee has an interest is prohibited unless full disclosure of the background facts is presented in writing in accordance with the Conflict of Interest policy.

Former employees may be awarded consulting agreements; however, during the first two years following separation, the daily rate for the consulting agreement may not be more than ten percent (10%) above the former employee's last daily rate with the University.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Administration