4.13 Funeral Leave

Last Revised: 18 January 2017

Refer Questions to: Director, Human Resources


This policy applies to regular and extended temporary staff in all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University and to regular and extended temporary Clerc Center teachers, unless specifically covered by collective bargaining agreements made between Gallaudet University and certified bargaining agents.


Upon the death of an employee's immediate family member, defined as spouse, registered domestic partner, parent (including step-parent), child (biological or legally adopted child or stepchild), brother, sister, legal guardian, grandparent, grandchild, or parent or sibling of the employee's spouse or domestic partner, the employee may be granted up to five days off with pay. Compensation is prorated for part-time employees according to the number of hours or days normally scheduled to be worked. Annual leave (staff), personal leave (Clerc Center teachers), or leave without pay may be requested for others not covered by this policy.

Employees on paid funeral leave continue to accrue leave in the usual manner.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Board of Trustees