4.14 Parental Leave

Last Revised: 20 Apr 2018

Refer Questions to: Director, Human Resources


This policy applies to regular and extended temporary staff and faculty in all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University and to regular and extended temporary Clerc Center teachers, unless specifically covered by collective bargaining agreements made between Gallaudet University and certified bargaining agents.


Gallaudet University recognizes the importance of allowing employees time off to care for and bond with a new child(ren). Accordingly, both the mother and the legally acknowledged father/ registered domestic partner, or the legal adoptive parents, are allowed up to a total of three weeks paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child(ren). Leave time should be requested and scheduled with the immediate supervisor and must be taken within 12 months following the birth or adoption. Employees are paid for the hours and days normally scheduled to be worked. Leave is not increased for multiple births/adoptions. Parental leave is not intended to allow a parent to care for a sick child. Leave continues to accrue while on paid parental leave.

In compliance with the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, any personal disability associated with pregnancy and child bearing may be taken as sick leave. Annual leave (staff), or personal leave (Clerc Center teachers), or leave without pay may be approved for additional time off. The total amount of time off (including parental leave and sick leave) will not normally exceed four consecutive months. The length of time is not extended for holidays or breaks. Leave is not approved beyond the term of an appointment.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Board of Trustees