4.15 Jury-Witness Leave

Last Revised: 12 May 2000

Refer Questions to: Director, Human Resources


This policy applies to regular and extended temporary staff in all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University and to regular and extended temporary Clerc Center teachers, unless specifically covered by collective bargaining agreements made between Gallaudet University and certified bargaining agents.


The University believes that every citizen should fulfill his/her civic responsibilities in serving on court juries or as a witness when called upon. If an employee is summoned for jury duty, the University pays the difference between his/her regular base salary for those days and hours normally scheduled to be worked and the sum received for such services, if any. The same arrangement exists if an employee is summoned to appear as a witness in a court case, except when the employee appears as a witness for his/her own personal benefit.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Board of Trustees


  1. The employee must present the jury duty or court witness summons to his/her supervisor as soon as notification is received. In unusual cases, the University may request a postponement of jury duty. If it is not granted, the employee is given leave.
  2. If an employee is released from jury duty or witness service for any period during normally scheduled working hours, the employee should report for work, provided that reporting for work does not interfere with the performance of the responsibilities assigned by the court.
  3. While on jury duty or witness leave, the employee continues to be paid for the number of hours/days normally scheduled to be worked.
  4. Upon return to work status, the employee must provide the supervisor and the Payroll Supervisor with a statement from the Clerk of the Court or other responsible court official giving the dates the employee served and the amount of compensation received for those services. The employee retains the compensation received from the court, if any, and the amount is deducted from the employee's next pay. The amount deducted does not include any money received from the court for mileage or meals.
  5. The W-2 form from the University does not include amounts received by the employee from the court. It is the employee's responsibility to report amounts received as compensation on his/her tax return.
  6. Employees on paid jury/witness leave continue to accrue leave in the usual manner.