The Gallaudet University Real Estate Foundation is an independent non-profit entity with Gallaudet University as its sole client, enabling the University to pursue and act upon strategic real estate-related opportunities in a timely and cost effective manner by increasing the University's knowledge, expertise, and capacity to execute real estate transactions. The Foundation will engage in real estate and economic development activities that support the University's academic mission and strategic goals while generating long term value for the University. Proceeds from the Foundation's operations will be transferred to Gallaudet in support of University academic programs, scholarships and operations.

Under the guidance and leadership of the Foundation's Board of Directors and through clearly defined and disciplined investment and asset management processes carried by internal staff and the retention of third-party support, the Foundation aims to utilize University's real estate assets and financial resources to support and complement Gallaudet's Campus and Strategic Plans. The Foundation's Board of Directors will bring broad real estate, administrative and financial expertise to advise and support the executive staff of the Foundation and Gallaudet's Board of Trustees. In the near term, the Foundation will improve and leverage existing University off-campus/campus-edge parcels. Long term, the Foundation will achieve financial self-sufficiency and academic and social value creation above any economic return.


To benefit, promote and support, by gift or otherwise, Gallaudet University in the ownership and/or development of realty at or around the University.


President Roberta "Bobbi" Cordano, Chair of the Board of Directors

Paul Kelly, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

Fred Weiner, Chief Executive Officer

Jean Cibuzar, Treasurer

Kati Mitchell, Secretary