Rendering of the Sixth Street/Florida Avenue Gateway

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Sixth Street Open House Workshop

On December 2, 2014 the Gallaudet University Real Estate Development team and The JBG Companies hosted an open house workshop on the Sixth Street Development for the Gallaudet community. The event marked another important step forward in the Sixth Street Development, building on the Board of Trustees' approval of The JBG Companies as the University's development partner in October.

Campus Architect Hansel Bauman discusses the Sixth Street Development with a student.

Representatives from Gallaudet and The JBG companies teamed up at various booths dispersed across the Multipurpose Room. Each booth covered a different theme: DeafSpace, Community/Housing, Retail, Public Realm, Academic Programming, Innovation Lab, and Overall Vision. The event allowed the members of the Gallaudet community-students, staff, and faculty-the chance to directly interact with Development team members and JBG representatives. With the open house format, participants were free to walk from booth to booth and learn more about the development, asking questions and making suggestions.

Before exiting the event, participants were encouraged to fill out a survey as well as write down their suggestions and ideas and post them on a bulletin board. At the end of the afternoon, the board was overflowing with recommendations. The feedback and input from the Gallaudet community has played a pivotal role in shaping the Sixth Street Development in the process thus far, and will continue to do so.

The Gallaudet University Real Estate Development team will host future events regarding the Sixth Street Development to share updates and receive feedback. Please watch for further information.