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Gallaudet University is-and always will be-a part of your life! As an alumnus, you are a member of the Gallaudet family and you will carry this honor and distinction forever!

Join GUAA, become a Life Member

The Alumni Association gives alumni a voice in issues affecting Gallaudet University; a chance to influence issues affecting the deaf community and deaf education; and of course, a way to keep in touch with friends you made here as a student!

How to become a Life Member

Download the GUAA Membership form and mail it in with your payment.

Complete the GUAA Membership Form Online

Email the Alumni Office for the membership application and with any questions you may have.

Here's What You Get As A Life Member

  • An attractive membership pin and card
  • Pride in being a member of a strong national organization that makes positive contributions to your alma mater and the Deaf Community
  • Discounts on memorabilia, books, and other items sold by the Alumni Relations Office
  • Special discounts from time to time
  • Access to the Gallaudet campus and facilities through your membership card
  • Privilege to run for office on the Board of Directors (applicable to alumni who have graduated)
  • Right to vote for GUAA Board of Directors
  • A lifetime subscription to Gallaudet Today, the University's biannual magazine
  • A copy of the GUAA Chapter Directory

There are four categories of membership in the GUAA

  • Active Members – Those who graduated from Gallaudet University.
  • Associate Members – Those who were admitted to the University and remained for at least one full semester.
  • Honorary Members  – Those upon whom the University conferred honorary degrees and any person deemed worthy by the Association.
  • Subscribing Members – Those who are not Gallaudet alumni but are spouses of members, supporters, and friends of Gallaudet.

By paying a one-time fee of $100, individuals become Life Members of the GUAA and are eligible to vote and hold office on the GUAA Board of Directors (alumni only). They also receive the University's biannual magazine, Gallaudet Today, as part of their membership, and may be eligible for certain discounts and other privileges.

Please see below for a listing of the GUAA National Board of Directors (2016-2020).