There are more than seventeen thousand Gallaudet alumni. The office of Alumni Relations serves as a liaison between the alumni and the University.

The University uses alumni data for reports, surveys, and accreditation. The strength and dedication of alumni to the University has been ranked one of the top reasons students come to Gallaudet.

Alumni giving is critical to the University's ability to raise funds not only from alumni but also from corporate and foundation donors who consider the level of alumni support in their giving decisions.

The office is also responsible for communication with alumni and works with the Office of Public Relations in the preparation of several alumni publications and a monthly enewsletter. The office also shares concerns, questions, and suggestions from alumni with the University.

Overview of responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with the Office of Development in alumni giving
  • Cultivate relationships with students
  • Provide content to Public Relations for alumni publications including Gallaudet Today Magazine and Gallaudet Today Newsletter
  • Develop alumni website and distribute monthly issues of the Alumni E-newsletter
  • Host alumni events on and off campus (e.g. Homecoming, reunions, booths, and Gallaudet Clubs)
  • Support Gallaudet University Alumni Association, which has fifty-two chapters and groups and help coordinate their activities
  • Prepare Gallaudet representatives for visits with alumni
  • Maintain alumni database
  • Promote interaction between the University and alumni
  • Recruit alumni for events sponsored by the University
  • Manage the Peikoff Alumni House, also affectionately known as the "Ole Jim"