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After an intensive digitization project that lasted several months, Deaf Rare books and periodicals are now online for your use! You can access the collections via the following links:

Library Catalog
Internet Archive - Deaf Rare Materials
Internet Archive - Deaf Mutes Journal
Mexico Independent and Deaf-Mutes' Journal - 1873-1874 (Arranged by year)
The Deaf-Mutes' Journal - 1875-1937 (Arranged by year)
Gallaudet University Annual Reports - 1858 to 1967
The Gallaudet Guide, and Deaf Mutes Companion - 1860 to 1862
The Silent Worker - Internet Archive (Arranged by year)
National Deaf Mute Gazette - 1867 to 1868 (Arranged by year)
The Deaf-Mutes' Friend - 1869 (Arranged by year)
The Buff & Blue - 1892 to 2000 (Arranged by year)

The Buff & Blue (1934-1946) - Internet Archive
Gallaudet University Research Commons