Manuscript Collections

Archives BannerThe Archives has over 180 manuscript collections and more manuscripts are continuously being added. The collections may be the papers of faculty members, deaf individuals, or deaf organizations.  Each collection has a "register," which includes a biographical/historical sketch, scope and content description, folder index, and other related materials. (See: Manuscript Collections for the Registers.)

Note: Some related materials may not be listed in the Register. The Register is not a comprehensive listing Therefore a search in SUMMON Catalog is often necessary to find additional resources.


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Abbott, Nancy MSS 213
Altizier, Reuben I. MSS 052
Alumni Office, Yesteryear at Gallaudet RG 002
American Annals of the Deaf MSS 155
American Annals of the Deaf MSS 171
American Annals of the Deaf MSS 173
American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf MSS 075
Ammons, Donalda MSS 112
Anderson, Tom L. MSS 057
Andersson, Yerker MSS 159
Associations for Education of the Deaf MSS 158
Atwood, Albert W. MSS 001
Auerbach, Leon MSS 142



Baldwin, Stephen C. MSS 002
Balfour, Louis M. MSS 160
Barwiolek, Alan Roy MSS 179
Bates, Robert L. MSS 019
Bates, Robert L. MSS 038
Bates, Robert L. MSS 126
Berg, Otto B. MSS 115
Berg, Thomas O. MSS 205
Bloch, David L. MSS 053
Braddock, Guilbert C. MSS 026
Bragg, Bernard MSS 180
Brooklyn Protestant Guild of the Deaf MSS 096
Brownlow, Jane W. MSS 177
Bryant, Arthur D. MSS 003
Buzzard, Henry L. MSS 059
Buzzard, Henry L. MSS 067



California Association of the Deaf, East Bay Chapter MSS 100
Calvary Baptist Church of the Deaf MSS 116
Captioned Films for the Deaf MSS 125
Cason, Mary D. MSS 004
Central Deaf Association MSS 133
Church Mission to Deaf-Mutes MSS 120
Collins, Linton M. MSS 005
Comité Interation des Sourds (CISS) MSS 187
Commission on Education of the Deaf MSS 165
Conference of Executives of American Schools for the Deaf MSS 073
Conference of Executives of American Schools for the Deaf MSS 157
Consumers Organization for the Hearing Impaired, Inc. MSS 193
Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf MSS 156
Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf MSS 172
Cornett, R. Orin MSS 216
Cosgrove, Raymond D. MSS 006
Council of Organizations Serving the Deaf MSS 074



Davis, John MSS 150
Deaf Interfaith: Theological Advocacy Service MSS 082
Deaf Media Council MSS 099
Deaf President Now MSS 119
Deaf President Now Protest MSS 148
DeafPride, Inc. MSS 192
Dibble, Ione C. MSS 136
Doctor, Powrie V. MSS 042
Durian, Walter G. MSS 007



Eastman, Gilbert C. MSS 068
Edington, Wallace D. MSS 060
Elstad, Leonard M. MSS 101
Elstad, Leonard M. MSS 183
Ely, Charles R. MSS 008
Ely, Charles R. MSS 083
Episcopal Conference of the Deaf MSS 092



Fay, Edward A. MSS 009
Fjeld, Julianna MSS 194
Fjeld, Julianna C. MSS 010
Flood, James T. MSS 032
Fusfeld, Cecilie L. MSS 011
Fusfeld, Irving S. MSS 050
Fusfeld, Irving S. MSS 128



Gallaudet Centennial Memorial Fund MSS 154
Gallaudet College Alumni Association MSS 139
Gallaudet Family Collection MSS 147
Gallaudet University Alumni Association MSS 143
Gallaudet University Alumni Association MSS 144
Gallaudet, Edward Miner MSS 117
Gallaudet, Herbert Draper MSS 013
Gallaudet, Herbert Draper MSS 135
Gannon, Jack R. MSS 146
Garbutt, Peter M. MSS 012
Goodstein, Astrid MSS 137
Goodstein, Harvey MSS 206
Grabill, Wilson H. MSS 033
Grace, Homer E. MSS 089
Great Lakes Deaf Bowling Association MSS 108



Hajna, Anthony A. MSS 045
Hall, Percival MSS 151
Hanson, Agatha Tiegel MSS 014
Hanson, Olof MSS 015
Higgins, Francis C. MSS 140
Higgins, Francis C. MSS 167
Hofsteater, Howard T. MSS 046
Hughes Memorial Theatre MSS 077
Hughes, Regina Olson MSS 107
Hughes, Regina Olson MSS 175
Hume, Boyd D. & Louise MSS 017



I Love You Foundation MSS 164
International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) MSS 214
International Congress on Education of the Deaf MSS 079
International Exhibition of Fine Applied Arts by Deaf Artists MSS 091



Jackson, Margaret E. MSS 051
Jones, John T. MSS 047
Jordan, Jerald MSS 097
Jordan, Jerald MSS 153
Junior National Association of the Deaf MSS 094



Kannapell, Barbara M MSS 191
Kannapell, Robert H. MSS 056
Kendall, Amos MSS 020
Kendall, Amos MSS 041
Kentucky School for the Deaf MSS 085
Kidd, Donald J. MSS 018
Kruger, Arthur A. MSS 058



Lane, Harlan MSS 204
Lang, Harry G MSS 201
Lankenau, Robert O. MSS 093
Lankenau, Robert O. MSS 149
Lankenau, Robert O. MSS 198
LARO Club MSS 076
Lau, Leonard E. MSS 064
Lauritsen, Wesley MSS 063
Lependorf, Bertt MSS 138
Levine Edna S. MSS 166
Library Institute - National Defense Education Act MSS 080
Linguistics Research Laboratory RG 001



Madsen, Willard J. MSS 203
Marr & Holman Architectural Firm MSS 102
Marshall, Ernest MSS 152
Maryland State School for the Deaf MSS 104
Merrill, Edward C. MSS 084
Merrill, Herbert C. MSS 113
Midtown Supper Club of the New York MSS 106
Mindel, Eugene D. MSS 016
Mindel, Eugene D. MSS 062
Minter, Martin MSS 145
Morgan Owens Foundation MSS 105
Morse Family MSS 021
Moss, Elizabeth L. MSS 022



National Association of the Deaf MSS 081
National Association of the Deaf MSS 178
National Black Deaf Advocates MSS 168
National Congress of Jewish Deaf MSS 188
National Fraternal Society of the Deaf MSS 163
National Health-Care Foundation for the Deaf MSS 090
National Health-Care Foundation for the Deaf MSS 134
National Literacy Society of the Deaf MSS 087
National Research Council MSS 124
Norman, Jane MSS 132
North Dakota School for the Deaf MSS 103
Northern California Chapter of Gallaudet College Alumni Association MSS 111
Northrop, Helen MSS 023






Parks, Edwin J. MSS 054
Parsons, Frances M. MSS 049
Parsons, Frances M. MSS 161
Parsons, Frances M MSS 207
Peet, Elizabeth MSS 024
Peet, Isaac L. MSS 025
Peikoff, David MSS 061
Peikoff, David MSS 110
Pendell, Lucille H. MSS 027
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf MSS 162
Pimentel, Albert T. MSS 211
Polakoff, Dorothy P. MSS 029
Porter, Sarah H. MSS 030
Porter, Sarah H. MSS 109
Powers, Helen MSS 031






Randolph, John D. MSS 070
Randolph, John D MSS 195
Roberts, Mary Kendall Greene MSS 197
Russell, George O. MSS 071



Sanderson, Robert G. MSS 055
Schein, Jerome D. MSS 037
Schein, Jerome D. MSS 200
Schowe, Ben M. MSS 043
Schowe, Ben M., Jr. MSS 196
Scouten, Edward MSS 127
Segregation of Black Deaf Children in United States MSS 118
Seymour, Kathleen MSS 174
Skyberg, Victor O. MSS 034
Sonnenstrahl, Alfred MSS 210
Sonnenstrahl, Deborah M. MSS 141
Sonnenstrahl, Deborah M. MSS 209
Sonnenstrahl, Deborah M. MSS 212
Sowell, James W. MSS 098
St. Ann's Church for the Deaf MSS 078
Sternberg, Martin L. A. MSS 035
Stevens, Kelly H. MSS 036
Stevens, Kelly H. MSS 202
Stewart, Roy J. MSS 123
Stewart, Roy J. MSS 176
Stokoe, William C. MSS 044
Stokoe, William C. MSS 189
Syle, Edward W. MSS 066
Syle, Henry W. MSS 065



Tatarinsky, Jack B. MSS 039
Teegarden, George M. MSS 040
Temple Beth Or of the Deaf MSS 181
Torr, Donald V. MSS 028
TTY History MSS 088



Union League of the Deaf MSS 069
United States Deaf Skiers Association MSS 095



Van Cleve, John V. MSS 169
Vernon, McCay MSS 048
Virginia Association of the Deaf MSS 184



Washburn, Cadwallader L. MSS 121
Washburn, Cadwallader L. MSS 122
Washburn, Cadwallader L. MSS 215
Washington Metropolitan Deaf Alliance MSS 129
Washington Metropolitan Deaf Alliance MSS 182
Weld, Lewis MSS 086
Wenzel, Marian Stewart MSS 114
Williams, Boyce R. MSS 072
Wood, Sharon Kay MSS 131
Wood, Sharon Kay MSS 199
World Deaf Leadership Program MSS 208
World Winter Games for the Deaf MSS 130



Xth International Games for the Deaf MSS 170