Gallaudet University has been governed by nine presidents since 1864. Each president's official correspondence, records, and papers are processed at the end of their term. The processed papers become part of the Presidential Papers collection. Personal correspondence and papers of the president are processed as Manuscript Collections and are stored separately. Click on the links below to see inventories of presidential papers.


Portrait of Edward Miner Gallaudet

Edward M. Gallaudet, 1857-1911
Portrait of Percival Hall Percival Hall, 1910-1945
Portrait of Leonard Elstad Leonard M. Elstad, 1945-1969
Portrait of Edward Merrill, Jr. Edward C. Merrill Jr., 1969-1983
Portrait of W. Lloyd Johnson W. Lloyd Johns, 1983
Portrait of Jerry Lee Jerry C. Lee, 1984-1987
Portrait of Elisabeth Zinser Elisabeth A. Zinser, 1988
Portrait of King Jordan I. King Jordan, 1988-2006