The Archives has created 19 indexes of birth, marriage, and death records derived from various Deaf publications such as "The Silent Worker," The American Annals of the Deaf, "The Frat," and the Fay Marriage Index. Further, genealogy information can be obtained from Gallaudet Alumni Cards, Gallaudet Faculty/Staff Cards, Columbia Institution for the Deaf Pupil Statistics from 1857-1897 and 1898-1950, Pennsylvania School for the Deaf Applications, and Visitors of Faneuil Hall. The indexes listed are designed to assist the researcher for genealogical research and/or for biographical information. You may view the full obituaries, which are available only in the Archives research room, by using the page, volume, issue, and/or authors cited in the indexes. If you are unable to visit our Archives, a copy of the obituary can be sent to you upon request.

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