We Will Bring ASL Classes to You!

Given the busy schedules and limited resources in today’s workplace, why not let us bring our ASL courses directly to you? Our unique program can be tailored and exported to meet the needs of your organization at the times, dates, and location of your choice. Join the list of businesses and schools across the United States who have benefited from our ASL courses.

The ASL Program at Gallaudet offers ASL classes at your site, within the metropolitan D.C. area. This is a convenient alternative to coming to our campus. The classes can be adapted to meet the unique needs of your organizations, schools, businesses, and teams.

The ASL Program also provides additional services, such as:

  • Consulting services regarding ASL, intercultural communication, assistive devices, and the use an interpreter
  • Presentations on ASL-related information, intercultural communication, assistive devices, and how to use an interpreter
  • ASL-related workshops
  • Intercultural communication workshops

For more information, please email us at aslprograms@gallaudet.edu.