ASL Placement Screening

ASL classes at Gallaudet University may not be equivalent to classes you have taken at other locations. To ensure that you are placed in class that meets your needs, please review the course descriptions and select the one that seems to fit your current skill level. This information along with the ASL Placement Screening will help determine the class that best supports your learning. The ASL Placement Screening can be done in person or through a video interface such as GoogleTalk, Skype or videophone.  If this is the first time you will be taking an ASL class at Gallaudet or if you've taken a semester off between your classes, please send an email to to schedule a day and time for your screening. Students unable to arrange a screening prior to the start of class will be screened on the first day and placed accordingly.

What to expect during the ASL Placement Screening

The ASL Placement Screening is an assessment used to determine your ASL skills based on the Signing Naturally Curriculum. Each individual will watch a video and answer corresponding questions. Placement screening is not something that you can study. As with all languages, ASL skills develop over time and exposure

We will be assessing you on the following:

  • ASL grammar, including linguistic elements such as sentence types, grammatical categories, and discourse functions
  • Range and accurate use of ASL vocabulary
  • Clarity of sign formation that includes handshape, palm orientation, location and movement
  • Fluency in use of ASL
  • Comprehension of conversation in ASL

For Summer ASL Students Only

Prior to coming to campus, even though you have already completed the screening, you are expected to complete the ASL Placement Test which can be found on Blackboard under ASL_Placement: ASL Placement. You may note that your placement has changed from your original course selection based upon the results of your screening and/or enrollment availability. Please contact with any questions. An orientation to ASL Program will take place the first Monday of your class at 8:00 am in the Student Academic Center 1011 during ASL sessions A, C, and D and at 7:30 am during session B.