Refund Policy

Adding or Dropping Courses

A course may be dropped through the first day of class by submitting an ADD/DROP form. Courses which are dropped will not show up on your transcript. Failure to formally drop a course will result in a final grade of 'F'. After the first week, you must use a COURSE WITHDRAWAL form. WITHDRAWALS below).

Attendance Policy

Students, who are registered for an 8-week online class and who fail to participate the first week of the session, may be dropped from the course by the instructor. Any course less than 8 weeks requires student participation within 2 days of the first day of class. Please refer to the refund policy to determine any refund.


Students must obtain permission, prior to registration, to audit a course. ASL courses are not available for audit. Tuition waivers cannot be used if you are requesting to audit a course. There is no reduction in tuition when auditing a course.

Online Courses for Full time Gallaudet Students and Employees

Gallaudet students, faculty, and staff are to take on-campus courses to fully maximize the benefits of ASL learning.

Grade Reports

Grade reports are available for students to view and print in BISON.

Incomplete ("INC") Grades

Incomplete grades must be arranged and approved by your instructor and are given only under extenuating circumstances. Receiving an INC on your grade report allows you to complete the course by the following semester as outlined by your instructor. Failure to complete your course will result in a final grade of "F".


Transcripts of academic records may be obtained from the Registrar's Office upon written request by completing a Transcript Request Form. 

Semester Credit Hours

The unit of semester credit is defined as university-level credit that is awarded for completion of coursework, the transfer of coursework from another accredited institution, or the evaluation of college-level prior learning. One credit hour (at least 50 minutes) reflects an amount of work represented in the intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement for these learning outcomes.  To meet the credit hour requirements, additional out of class hours will be required to complete these courses.  Visit Semester Credit Hour Policy for more information.

Transferring Credits

If you wish to transfer Gallaudet credits to your home institution, you must obtain approval from your home institution, prior to applying, to ensure that the credits will be accepted.

Types of Credits

Undergraduate credit courses do not have a PST prefix. and are numbered less than 700 level (ex: EDU 495). In general, these courses may be applied to Gallaudet University degrees or certificates. Graduate credit courses do not have a PST prefix and are 600 level and above (ex: EDU 795). In general, these courses may be applied to Gallaudet University graduate degrees or certificates. Professional Studies (PST) credit courses have a PST prefix (ex: PST 723) and may be considered as transferable credits to other institutions.

Professional Studies (PST) courses

Gallaudet University offers a wide range courses that bear the prefix "PST". PST courses carry university credit but credits earned are not applied toward a Gallaudet University degree.  These courses are designed at a reduced cost to offer educational and professional development opportunities for those who are not looking to pursue a degree program. Often a PST course may be cross-listed with an undergraduate or graduate class and the class is made up of both sections. PST students will need to meet the same criteria for admission and completion.   Other universities and accrediting organizations may accept PST credits, but students wishing to transfer credits should check to determine the applicability of the coursework at their home institution. Some PST courses are offered as clusters that lead to professional certificates.


Students must submit a request to withdraw from a class in writing. Please note that there will be no refund of tuition and fees. You may send your request to: A “WD” will appear on your transcript. Responsibility for following these procedures rests with the student. Failure to formally withdraw from a course will result in a final grade of “F.” Requests must be received prior to the last day of class.

Processing Fee (Per Semester)

The $35 processing fee is non-refundable. Fee is waived for Gallaudet faculty, staff, and currently enrolled Gallaudet undergraduate and graduate students.

Refund Policy

Application fee: In most cases, the application fee is nonrefundable. However, exceptions may be made based on the following circumstances:

  • If the course is canceled due to insufficient enrollment.
  • Other extenuating circumstances may be considered with appropriate supporting documentation.


  • 100% refund up to one week prior to the start of class
  • 50% refund if course is dropped one week preceding the start of class
  • No refund will be issued thereafter

Room and Board: Pro rata refund based on full weeks only (during summer)

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