ASL Development Program provides resources and ongoing support to Gallaudet faculty. The four components include ASL Development Plan for new emerging signers, ASL Gatherings, Individual ASL Support, and ASL Immersion Day.

The ASL Development Program’s goal is to provide opportunities focusing on language development in a safe and interactive environment where Gallaudet faculty can focus on learning and using ASL skills. The ASL Development Program will maintain and achieve these outcomes through:

  • A bilingual learning environment, featuring these programs, ASL Gatherings, Individual ASL Language Support and ASL Immersion that provides full access for faculty;
  • A commitment to provide support and encouragement to faculty through this program, ASL Language Development plan including ASL development resources;
  • A safe, learning environment in which faculty and staff access to achieve ASL development skills to communicate effectively which will impact the bilingual community and student learning.
The ASL Development Program strives to provide a highest quality approach in preparing faculty and staff for development skills through these programs.