Classroom Discourse Observation (CDO) is an assessment that identifies not only ASL discourse and language, but also bilingual teaching approaches and the visual interactions between the faculty and students. The assessment also focuses on the students’ and faculty’s comprehension of each other during a class discussion by using video recording in the class. A diagnostician analyzes the video recording to identify the strengths and areas needing improvements. The focus assessment consists of three categories:

  • Topic Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Linguistic Features

The faculty is then provided a personalized feedback session which includes the opportunity to review and discuss the video recording.

Who participates?

Department Chairs submit the faculty names to the Dean and Provost. The Dean and Provost prioritize the list of faculty and provide to ASL Diagnosticians for scheduling. This service is designed for the faculty with a score of ASLPI 3 - 5 and seeking a promotion and tenure. This is the only one-time service.

If you are interested in being scheduled for a Classroom Discourse Observation, please notify your Department Chair.