Q: What are the hours for the Bison Shop?

A:  Click this web link, http://www.gallaudet.edu/bison-shop/store-hours for the store hours and calendar year.

Q: Can I return books or merchandises I have purchased from the Bison Shop?

A:  General Return Policy - A sales receipt must be supplied for refund to be processed.  All merchandise excluding textbooks must be considered in new condition to be returned.  All refunds on merchandise excluding textbooks must be made within 14 business days from the date of purchase.  It is important to keep your receipts. Returns made from purchases using our online store front must be in new condition.  All additional shipping charges for returns will be incurred by the customer.

A:  Textbook Returns - A sales receipt must be evident for refund.  New books must be in new condition.  Purchases made with Student Financial Aid (SFA) can only be returned for SFA credit.  For the fall and semesters, no returns can be accepted after 3 business days with receipt dated three days prior to the deadline date.  Summer Return Policy is very limited and is final sale.  Please check our Textbook Return Policy posted in the Bison Shop for more details as dates are updated every term.

  • A sales receipt must be shown for return
  • New books must be in new condition. (Shrink wrapped, if broken then no returns accepted)
  • Purchases made with SFA can be returned for SFA credit only.

Q:  What is the Student Financial Aid (SFA) grant?  How can I get SFA grant?  Am I qualified for SFA grant?

A:  Some students have their SFA account set up after they applied for SFA grant.  The Bison Shop will have the student accounts set up by the office of Student Financial Services with the balance of dollars in the system.  The students can check their student account in the balance at the Bison Shop to ensure that they have the dollars in the system prior book purchases.

In the order to set up the account, the office of Student Financial Services will provide the service available as soon as when students registered on line business for every semester.  For more details, the office of Student Financial Services can be reached at http://www.gallaudet.edu/finance/student-financial-services.  There is a limited date period every semester when students can use their SFA grant.

Q:  What do I do with my old textbooks I no longer need after semester?

A:  You may sell your textbooks at the Bison Shop.  Read details below.

At the end of the spring and fall semester, there are certain days that the Bison Shop will buy back used books.  The Buy Back Program takes place between the last days of class and the final day of examination week.  The dates will be announced in the middle of the semester, so keep checking with us for the dates.

We do not guarantee every book will be bought during the buyback program when students can sell their textbooks to the Bison Shop.

Q:  How can I find my textbooks in the Bison Shop?

A:  You will be able to identify which course book you will need after you showed up for your class or received the syllabus list from the professors.  Your class schedule is most needed because it shows the full 9 digit course numbers.

The textbooks are placed on the shelves by department, course by alphabetically and then the order of the textbooks is numerical, by the 9 digit course numbers.

Then, verify with your professor which books are required or optional.

Q:  Why are my textbooks not there?

A:  Again, the books should be available on the shelves after the professors submitted the orders.  Sometimes, it can happen that you do not see your textbooks because professors did not order the books or that there could be some supplements or hand outs provided in the class.  If you still do not see your books there, ask the Textbook Liaison.

Q:  My textbook has not arrived for my class or is sold out. What do I do?

A:  Some book orders take longer than our expectation or that the book orders are being backordered.  Keep checking for the book arrivals on a daily basis depending on our special note posted on the particular course.  Simply ask the Textbook Campus Liaison for the answer.

Q:  I purchased a textbook at another store.  Will the SFA be able to pay for it?

A:  The students with SFA should purchase the books and supplies from the Bison Shop for the full support by SFA.  If there are some unique requirement such as special book orders needed for courses, you will need to check with the office of Student Financial Services first to make sure that you can be reimbursed for the expenses off campus.  The Bison Shop does not authorize the approval in any circumstance of off campus purchase.

Q:  If my textbook arrived after the SFA grant, will I be able to use the SFA grant for the textbook after the deadline?

A: Again, it is the office of Student Financial Services who will approve the grant beyond the dateline by reimbursing you ONLY if you are covered by the Vocational Rehabilitation service.  Check with the office of Student Financial Services staff first.

Q:  I do not see my questions on this list.  Who should I contact to answer my question?

A:  Email us at bookstore.office@gallaudet.edu or videophone at 202.250.2727.