Trustee Nominations

REMINDER: The Committee is not able to consider nominations unless they are complete. Please be sure to review the general information and specific instructions.

The Board of Trustees accepts nominations of new members to the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees on an on-going basis to fill any current or future vacancies.

The Board is seeking dynamic individuals who are committed to active participation in Board and committee meetings and many other activities crucial to Gallaudet's mission and are dedicated to making Gallaudet a model of academic excellence and diversity.

Documents have been made available by the Board's Committee on Trustees for those interested in submitting a nomination for themselves or another individual.

"These documents were created to make the role of a trustee, the criteria used, and the process as clear as possible," said. Dr. Harvey Goodstein, '65, former chair of the Committee on Trustees. "We hope this additional transparency and clarity will result in a stellar group of candidates."

The documents are:

After reviewing these documents, if you have additional questions, direct them to