Number of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has 18 non-public members and three public members, one appointed by the President of the Senate and two by the Speaker of the House.

Duties and Powers

The Board of Trustees has specific duties and powers under its bylaws.


All Trustees, with the exception of public members, are expected to serve on a minimum of two committees. These committees include: Academic Affairs, Audit, Budget and Operations, Compensation, Investment, National Deaf Education, Student Affairs, and Trustees.

Term Length

Terms are three years except for the three public Trustees, who serve two-year terms.

Time Requirements

Meetings of the Board of Trustees are held in February, May, and October. The October meeting is the Board's Annual Meeting, and the February and May meetings are the Board's Regular Meetings. Other meetings may be called by the Board Chair when needed. In addition, electronic mail is used for information sharing and discussions on a regular basis.


Proxy voting is not permitted.


Trustees receive no compensation for time spent on Gallaudet University business and are expected to either decline honoraria for participation in workshops, advisory boards, and other Gallaudet-sponsored events or accept the honorarium and contribute it to the university. Certain travel-related expenses for Board of Trustees activities are reimbursed.