● What are some services that Campus Activities provide?

Copies: $0.10 per B/W copy & $0.25 per color copy.

Butcher Paper: $3.00 per yard - We have several colors to choose from; you can stop by at Campus Activities to check out the options.

Lamination: $1.00 per page.

Balloons: $0.90 per helium balloon, $0.20 for balloons only, and $0.70 Helium only. We have several colors you can stop by at Campus Activities to check out the options.

● How much does it costs to print a banner?

The cost of each banner is $40. Payment can be made through Interdepartmental Invoice, Cash, Credit Card or Check.

● What is the size of the banner?

The size for the banner (paper) is 60" X 44". Please be sure to send it either PDF or JPEG to cabanner@gallaudet.edu.

Banner itself need to be approved and stamped by Campus Activities Office.

We need at least 48 hours notice to print your banner.

We will remove the banner after each event. We will not save banner for you. If you wish for us to save the banner for you to pick up, please mark "keep" on the banner policy/request form.

● Does my flyer have to be approved by Campus Activities (CA)?

Flyer approval times:

■ Flyers brought between 9am - 11am will be approved by 1pm on the same day

■ Flyers brought between 1pm - 4:30pm will be approved by 9am on the next day

● Where can I post my flyer?

You can post flyers on designated bulletin boards on campus. Be sure to have these flyers stamped by CA. It is your responsibility to take down your flier after the event. Posters placed in non-designated areas will be removed and discarded.

● What is 25Live?

25Live is an online reservation system for members of Gallaudet community to make room reservation requests.

Campus space reservations that are handled by Campus Activities are:

1. JSAC Sprint Multipurpose room

2. JSAC Conference room

3. JSAC Student Kitchen

4. JSAC Alcoves

5. JSAC G-Area

6. Andrew Foster Auditorium

7. Ely Patio

● Where can I find more general information about Campus Activities? You can find more information about us through our website and/or these social media links:

■ Campus Activities Facebook

■ Campus Activities Instagram

● I want to create a new student club/organization; who do I contact?

You can create a new club/organization through the Campus Activities Office. Please email the CA coordinator, Eyob.Zerayesus@gallaudet.edu or Student Organization Assistant (SOA)-Marissa Rivera, SOA@gallaudet.edu to make an appointment to get started.

● What is the difference between a student organization and student club?

Student Organization:

■ Has representation in Student Congress (SBG)

■ Requires at least 10 members

Student Club:

■ No representation in Student Congress

■ Requires at least 5 members

● I need certification in order to sell food for my student organization. What is the process?

Food certification workshops are offered once per semester. Please look out for the flyers and/or emails from Student Organizations Assistant (SOA) and Student Pulse for the next available dates.

● Where can I find more information about Student Organizations/Clubs policies, procedures, and much more?

You can learn more from the CA Student Organizational Manual. It is also available for you to download on PDF.