We are excited that you are ready to start a new organization or club. Before you begin, please take a look at the list of existing student organizations. Click here: List of Student Organizations/Clubs
Procedures of establishing an organization or club:
1)   Student(s) who take the lead in setting up an organization/club must be a full-time student (12 credits for undergraduate and 9 for graduate) and have a semester and cumulative GPA of over 2.0.

2)   Complete the Organization/Club Petition Form
a)    At least 10 members for Organizational Status
b)   At least 5 members for Club Status
c)    The petition form can be found at Campus Activities Office
d)   Contact for questions
3)   Develop bylaws/constitution for the student organization/club.
a)    Contact Chief Justice from Student body Government to work with you on developing bylaws

4)    Meet with CA Student Organization Assistant (SOA) and present your Bylaws
a)    The by-laws needed to be approved by Campus Activities

5)    Complete the Organization/Club Registration online
a)    SOA will provide the registration link
b)   Advisor is required
6)    Sign the Financial Authorization Form to have an access into your organization/club account.
a)    President and Treasurer/Business Manager will sign the form.
b)   It will take at least two to three weeks to get an account number.

 7)   You will receive a notification of official registration from the Student Organization Assistant.
Please expect the process will take two to three weeks to establish an organization or club.