The 2002-2012 Facilities Master Plan serves to establish a framework for the development of capital projects to support the role, mission, and academic vision of Gallaudet University. This Facilities Master Plan is proactive and responsive, and communicates the key issues of density, adjacency, circulation, green and open space, and the impact of the University upon the adjoining community. The four major goals of the Facilities Master Plan are to:

  • Provide a campus plan for the university and the Board of Trustees that articulates the university's vision for the campus.
  • Continue to build upon the relationship of the university, the community, and the District of Columbia.
  • Provide guidance for the physical development of the campus.
  • Fulfill the requirements for the submission of a Master Plan Document to the District of Columbia Zoning Commission.

Gallaudet University has been an active and vital part of the city and both have benefited from the economic, cultural, and educational aspects of this partnership. The relationship of Gallaudet to its neighborhood is important; Gallaudet University is an integral part of the city and the Master Plan approach recognizes the University's desire to continue its role within the community.