Planning principles that guide the Facilities Master Plan are the result of input from public organizations, and campus and community members that lent the process their expertise, time and personal investment in the mission and the purpose of Gallaudet. Below is a summary of guiding issues that formed the direction and development of the Master Plan.

Planning Principles:

  • Adopt the role as caretaker, to respect the special nature of the Gallaudet campus
  • Recommend planning moves that build a visually contiguous campus; academic, residential, and recreational zones should support a one-zone campus model
  • Give special consideration to buildings and their relationship to the historic, academic, residential, and pre-college areas of the campus
  • Build upon an attractive campus setting with building/open space relationships at an appropriate scale and density
  • Develop green and open space to unify the historic and academic zones of the campus
  • Provide facilities for Language and Communication programs
  • Provide appropriate residence halls and family housing for students that meet evolving needs
  • Create residence hall green spaces for recreation and social uses
  • Develop and enhance pedestrian networks to increase accessibility and safety
  • Develop and improve the quality of the campus/ neighborhood edges
  • Provide a unified image and vision for the campus